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Not All Who Wander Are Lost

I was raised in a home that was unsafe- I was abused daily. I was alone within those walls, longing for something other than my harsh reality.

From a very young age I had the yearning to explore-I have always been a wanderer,

As far as my feet would take me I would go, my dog always by my side- we would be gone from sun up to sun down.

Some days we would break new trails and others we would just sit amongst the trees in silence-

Reflecting back on this, I realize while I was wandering , I was in constant conversation with nature and my guides.

It was in my wandering that my guides raised me, shaping me into who I am today-

They taught me the power of love and connection through my relationship with the trees, water and animals. The stars taught me to dream and to live without limitations-

Mother Nature, she has always been my mother- She has held me in her arms as I wept into her belly- she has gently wiped my tears and guided my heart back to her beauty.  Her arms have held me until I felt at peace enough to return and to call back pieces of my soul-

- Heather Lauzon

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