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“If I’m honest, I was a little skeptical when I first came to see Heather; I had never done any sort of energy healing before and was coming not for a specific problem but because I just felt really stuck. Right away I felt at ease with her and as the session progressed, I could tell a shift was taking place. I didn’t feel anything too crazy at first, but several hours after I left I realized I was feeling joy for the first time in over a year. She gave me some homework and as I did that over the next weeks and months, old fears and anxieties I had always lived with just melted away. There weren’t necessarily big emotional moments, but “lightbulb” moments when I just felt the freedom of having clear sense of direction and being able to trust my intuition again. I’ve only been to see Heather three times in the last five months, (remote sessions) and have noticed a dramatic improvement in my ability to engage with the world from a place of confidence and grounded-ness. ”

— Raina G., Canada

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Hypnosis is not just for smoking and weight loss! I had very major surgery last Fall and required a lot of physiotherapy to regain the ability to walk, among other things.


I developed a real problem with the physio, having little panic attacks at every session. Obviously my brain needed a firm talking to! In three sessions Heather had that problem sorted out, so I could exercise and do the therapy without those issues and I have made good progress with my recovery ever since.


As an added bonus, Heather gave me some tricks for relaxation and for improved sleep, which I am still enjoying.  


I can't recommend Heather and Emerald Healing enough, whatever you are needing help with.

Anonymous, Canada

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Meeting Heather is like stepping out of a storm into calm waters, where you know your going to be safe, you going to be heard , understood and answers are forthcoming.

I am deeply empathic and at age 55, I carry the weight and grief of the world into what I had always thought would be an endless vessel...which is in fact over flowing, disturbing and pain filled. Thats how I showed up on her doorstep. Now I'm not new to healing and I'm not new to having the gift of powerful healers in my life as I have moved around Canada. It takes a lot to impress me and even more to move me. Heather has done both. But more importantly to me,,,, she has given me answers, relief, tools and as a result a huge spiritual doors opened and I give thanks as I continue to walk thru them.


For someone who lives a life that only 4% of society experiences imagine how it feels to have someone understand you inside and out. Who works with your guides, crystals, quantum energy, etc. Pretty amazing.

Her gift is spreading worldwide, that I know. If you are looking for someone to help you, and you wish you had a big sister, or best friend to refer someone to you. Let me be that woman. Give yourself the gift of healing.

Linda, Canada

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Heather long-distance.  So far, I have had 5-6 long distance sessions with her.  Everything is done via email.  We have yet to connect over Skype or on the phone although she did offer but I didn't feel it was necessary.


I would write in my request after a time was scheduled and she would let me know what she saw in a follow up email with pictures of the stones used and tarot cards she pulled along with guides and Masters she worked with in our session.  


She is very professional, with a lot of integrity, thorough and very intuitive.  I found her very helpful in owning my energy (power) and sovereignty.


I would usually have a deep sleep after the session and wake feeling much lighter. I would highly recommend Heather as an intuitive, to clear blocks and align you with your authentic self.  


Quantum healings must be experienced to truly appreciate.




I was drawn to Heather over a 3 week period, not knowing what she did.  It was a time of emotional/physical instability for me. I am one that does not "trust" easily.  I told myself 3 appointment of "faith" before making a decision.  


After the 1st appointment I knew she had a gift and that she was what I needed, she was nothing that I ever experienced before or to be honest was even reality. She truly is a healer. Not a doubt in her gifts.  


I have asked Heather multiple times (and myself) what she does. Every time I correct myself after I voice this, as truly it does not matter how her healing works. Words are great, I do not believe there is a phrase though that can describe her gift, you need to experience it to truly know. It is always a adventure and eye opener.  


Heather is truely a gifted indivual that can help or guide you if you are open to it.


Thank you Heather for being my tour guide while I embarke in a healthier me. You still send me away in a haze of amazement after our session.

- Aaron Henry, Canada


After a year of rarely getting a full nights sleep, being constantly frustrated, having little to no energy, and I think going through bouts of depression, my wife convinced me to visit Heather at Emerald Healing Place.   I went in very sceptical.....being a "glass half empty" kind of guy.  


After the 2nd of 4 sessions, I was very happy and surprised at how Heather had opened my eyes and my mind by helping me to identify and understand why I was having these problems.  


Along with the sessions, she gave me avenues to explore on the Internet, all very helpful with my new journey in life.  


I am very grateful to my wife for convincing me to go to Emerald Healing, Heather has been able to help me become very peaceful with my life.  


The "grounding" exercises, for those of you who know what I'm talking about, have been hugely beneficial to me. I would not hesitate to recommend Heather to anyone needing help.

Thank you Heather. 

- C. Gill, Canada

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About three months ago, my fiancee and I purchased a home.  The home was very old and had over 70 years of history.  


Shortly after moving in we became aware of energy other than our own effecting our daily lives. The effects of this energy were negative and drained us emotionally. This began to impact our relationship and communication. It was very disappointing to have our first home ownership experience go this way.  

The situation continued to get worse as time went along.  At this point we were introduced to Heather.  We were apprehensive about engaging in this process as we weren't aware of the procedure.  


Heather made us feel comfortable right from the start. She helped us to understand some of the history of our home and why certain areas of the home were carrying low energy more than others.  Heather was able to help us understand why the bad energies were trapped in the house.  She helped us understand how she removed these energies and how to keep them away.  

Heather equipped us with methods to keep our home free of future undesirable energies.  We engaged in establishing boundaries around our home and property. It has been about a month now, and we can really feel the difference in our home and in our relationship.  


Thank you Heather, you are amazing, and have made a huge difference in our lives. 

Liam & Lauren, Canada


Heather is incredibly powerful and extremely gifted. She has performed clearings long distance on 3 different properties in Alberta that I've lived at, and profoundly changed the energy and feel at each one. Heather worked at balancing and grounding the energy at each home, and I was able to feel the positive differences immediately. I felt much more peaceful, relaxed, and steady at these properties after she worked on them.


Heather has also done some energy work with my horses, and it was obvious that she had a positive effect on them too!

Robyn S. , Canada

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Heather Lauzon isn't purple, nor did she go face down in colloidal silver. When I came back from the treatment on the amethyst crystal mat, her soul burst through her pores and it was a radiant pearly lavender, and honestly there just aren't the colours here. She was dressed in a white gown - but I painted it green because of the influence of her treatment on the opening of the heart.


Heather described what had gone on from her perspective, and I felt everything she said. I don't trust easy, and she immediately picked up on the resistance of my soul. Once that was released, the beauty and the density of the flood of golden shimmering light, that was as dense as Mercury, poured blissfully into my being.


All I can say is it was overwhelming -and absolutely necessary.
Heather knows what she is doing, is present and so very kind. 
I would recommend her to anyone who feels the souls longing for assistance, realignment, and reconnection. A true healers healer.  

Coco Jones

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I have experienced many kinds of healing from various practitioners over the years, but have rarely had such powerful results as I have had working with Heather. She is strong at holding space and gentle in her approach.


I like the long distance sessions a lot, as I can be comfortable in my own space and no drive home after deep energy work!


For anyone who doubts the efficacy of long distance work, you will not be disappointed. I appreciate how balanced Heather is and fun to work with!


So happy that our paths have crossed!

Susan, USA


I brought my 7 year old daughter to Emerald Healing Place as she was having difficulty with falling asleep in the evenings. She was struggling with recurring negative thoughts about being kidnapped out of her bedroom window or other scary disasters.  Heather was open and gentle;  she was sensitive to my daughter’s shyness and helped her to feel comfortable throughout the appointment.  After the session my daughter, who had now gained the understanding that she was safe and being guarded by her angels (and Mother Mary) has improved her nighttimes, which are now calm and restful.


- Stephanie Bergman 

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