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Past Life Regression

Past life regressions may be a fairly new concept for some people to understand.  


There are several different theories about past lives;  however, this does not change the fact that many people have experienced instantaneous relief emotionally and physically following past life regressions. 


Why is this? 

Our eternal souls have experienced many lifetimes

with the beauty and tragedy that follows

through each incarnation.   


When we incarnate into a new life, we bring with us stored energy and beliefs from previous lifetimes.  

In some cases, these can be very supportive and delightful – such as being able to master an instrument the moment you pick it up.  


In other cases, these past life shadows and scars can be limiting and debilitating.


People have experienced the immediate benefits of past life regression in numerous areas of their lives.  

I, myself, have healed multiple unexplained physical ailments and have come into deep knowingness by healing through past life regressions.  


  • Allows you to come into further alignment with self and life purpose

  • Sheds new light on and understanding of personal relationships

  • Releases the roots of physical ailments linked to past lives

  • Releases fears and anxieties linked to past life traumas

  • Allows the integration of abilities and talents from past lives

How can a past life regression support you?

Want to hear more about how past life regression might help you?

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