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Property Clearing & Spirit Release Therapy

Whether it is healing the energy of the property or assisting a spirit to release from an individual, I have supported many in this area all over the globe both in person and remote sessions. This is one of my favorite areas to work in!  I'm just your modern day ghost buster:)


I want to share with you that there truly is nothing to fear.

Know that these lost souls are not to remain here and it is part of my journey to help them heal and guide them to the other side bringing peace and ease for all.


Property Or Business Clearing

Your Home, Your Sacred Space

Have you ever wondered what a property clearing is? 

How do you know if you need to cleanse your home, property or business?


You may have spring cleaned, purged and things still do not feel right in your space. Perhaps you are finding you don’t seem to be spending much time in your home?  Are you experiencing paranormal activity or feel like there is someone else with you?

Is your property not selling?


Property and businesses have their own energetic identity and they take on the energy of the people and the energy of events around them.  If there is a low vibration or unbalanced energy, people in the space often find themselves feeling influenced and unmotivated, sick, tired and sometimes stuck in negative patterns that aren't familiar. 

I have a 100% success rate in property clearings supporting clients globally to sell their property or feel comfortable in their homes. 



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I knew that I wanted to love where I live. Our street even looks like it was ripped out of some magical fairy tale! Yet we had lived in our house for several months, and I was feeling more and more like there was something "off" - sudden, inexplicable shifts in my mood, peculiar comments from our young son.


Heather was recommended as someone who could perform an energetic cleansing of our home.

The first email from Heather put me at ease. She intuited my fears and said exactly what I needed to hear to frame the experience as what it was - a sacred healing. As soon as she walked into the door, I felt safe with her. Heather has the gift of being able to build rapport immediately with others - kids and pets, too! 

Heather's explanations after she walked through our home mirrored the experiences I'd been having for months - things I'd felt, words my son had repeatedly spoken - none of which I told her in advance. It is clear to me that Heather is a gifted intuitive healer. Everything she shared with me was so heartfelt and sincere. 


The tingling and heart opening has continued weeks after she cleansed us and our home. I still am profoundly affected - waves of goosebumps pulse through me as I read, hear, and experience life. In particular, the intense anxiety I've been experiencing at night is gone. I can breathe. My son holds the crystal that Heather brought for him intuitively at his heart as he falls asleep each night, and it calms him.

I feel so grateful for finding my way to Heather! 

Tracie, Canada


Spirit Release Therapy 

I'm Just Your Modern Day Ghost Buster 

Spirit attachments are real and can happen to the best of us. I have supported many in releasing spirit attachments from their bodies both in person and remotely. 


Sadly the entertainment world has done an incredible job of instilling so much false information and fear of the subject with what we were taught as "exorcisims"

 Even the word exorcism has such a low vibration!

Most just don't feel like themselves and not are not longer moving through life as they once did. Experiencing thoughts that are totally unlike yourself.  Often unusual anger and frustration can be predominant.   Unexplainable physical discomfort in the body, tired and possibly feeling like you are in a haze.  For most they don't even realize there is an attachment with them.   I have successfully supported everyone that needed support in this area of healing both in person and long distance healings.

I really appreciate Heather's help in removing a negative energy situation from my energy field. Since our phone session I have felt much lighter and clearer, stronger. I have to admit that I was leary about the efficacy of remote healing, but my soul mate,  who has experienced Heather's work with great results, encouraged me so I decided to give it try myself! I have not been disappointed! During my 77 years I have experienced many healers and highly recommend Heather because of the results i felt immediately that have already helped me in my life.


 - NIK Meiers

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