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Chronic Ailments & Disease

We each hold the keys and the answers to our own healing. 


I have come to recognize the patterns with several clients who were dealing with chronic ailments or disease.  While working together, we will discover how you can relieve symptoms and discomfort while tapping into your own unique healing abilities.  By looking deeper within, we can understand where the support is needed to create positive change within the mind, body and soul releasing you from the chains that bind. 

Release, Reconnect, Restore

If you are considering exploring what Heather can do to help, please read on. Or jump right in. Her sessions are both informative and healing in our experience. If you are wanting to experience alternative healing in a non judgemental, meet you where you are session - Heather is where you should start. Whether you are a life long seeker of alternative healing or just curious what her sessions can look like, know that Heather is patient, kind, very open minded, and she has always come to our sessions with no preconceived notions, or agenda to push. There is no pressure and she really is a great example of how you can work to support people where they are if they are open to it.  She has been working for years to support people all over the world with long distance sessions and is very very good at it!


We found Heather a couple of years ago when we were desperate. We were running out of traditional and alternative healthcare options. Everything helped but nothing was propelling our son forward and aiding in the healing of both his mind and physical body. We longed for some return to health and balance. Something that would compliment existing treatments. A balanced approach. Not a 100% one way or another. There was a gap between what we could do physically to support our traumatized, broken, sick child. I was open to try to have our son work with Heather, in fact I remember begging her to work with us. 

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The results have been incredible. We all look forward to his sessions with Heather. We all know he will feel relief and is constantly moving towards healing. Heather’s innate need to understand her clients and their concerns, while being a life long learner herself makes for a partnership that fills her clients with knowledge and tools that will serve them in life. Her calm, non judgemental, kind and pragmatic approach to working with a client is almost spellbinding. I can not believe we have found such an excellent resource in such a convenient, easy to access sessions that she provides.


We have gained both tools and healing that supports emotional health, insight, physical relief, and ways to live with less stress, pain and anxiety. 

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I would strongly encourage you to check out her page and try a long distance session. We have been lucky enough to find her and have her be so committed to our family’s well being.

Alison D. 

Hypnosis is not just for smoking and weight loss! I had very major surgery last Fall and required a lot of physiotherapy to regain the ability to walk, among other things. I developed a real problem with the physio, having little panic attacks at every session. Obviously my brain needed a firm talking to!

In three sessions Heather had that problem sorted out, so I could exercise and do the therapy without those issues and I have made good progress with my recovery ever since. And as an added bonus, Heather gave me some tricks for relaxation and for improved sleep, which I am still enjoying.  


I can't recommend Heather and Emerald Healing enough, whatever you are needing help with.

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Anonymous, Canada
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Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety does not discriminate; it affects many at any age.  Sadly,  anxiety is a reality for many but it truly doesn’t have to be. Using intuitive energy healing and hypnotherapy, I have supported many clients in transforming their lives. 


All sessions are tailored to each client’s needs, as anxiety triggers, symptoms and signs can vary from person to person.  Identifying the root cause, belief systems and thought patterns help one to heal through understanding. Clients are educated with tools that are easily incorporated into their daily lives to support and empower themselves. 


Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or to book an appointment. 

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