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Energy Healing & Soul Retrieval

Release, Reconnect, Reclaim Your Vitality 
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Energy Healing

We all have the understanding and scientific proof that everything is energy. 


From the moment you were conceived, you were energy.  An energetic field sending and receiving messages while in utero. We have an energetic body, physical body and mental body. When our energetic body is not in alignment or balanced, it creates a ripple effect.   We eventually become aware of this imbalance through our emotional and physical states, and through awareness of our level of mental harmony.

When we are feeling discomfort, whether that is physical or emotional we are receiving messages that there is a lack of flow.   


Energy healing is creating an environment with an optimal vibration that your energetic body responds to.  Energy healing supports you in releasing non- serving energy and emotions that may be trapped in your bodies, allowing the bodies to restore to a natural free- flowing state. 


Energy Healing Sessions are offered in person or remotely.  

I support clients all over the world with remote healing sessions.  


The energy healing sessions that I offer truly need to be experienced to be understood.

I first met Heather shortly after arriving on the island, in a depressed, run down state with many addictions, including alcohol and marijuana of over 20 yrs.


With her genuine caring nature, professional integrity and a combination of skills and 'gifts', I was able to fully recover in a beautiful, serene, safe and supportive healing environment in a relatively short time. She is professionally trained and continues to develop her expertise with courses to stay current and able to provide the best for her clients.

With the synergistic variety of treatments (1+1=3), Heather also provides resource suggestions of colleagues, reading, and 'tools' to compliment her therapy that have helped to fast track my successful recovery.


I am very grateful to have found her and recommend her services enthusiastically.

Anonymous, Canada

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Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is a sacred, ancient healing technique.  

Many years ago, it was a commonly practiced method of healing, generally performed by a Soul Catcher, Shaman or Village Healer. 


I came into this technique very organically.  I was led by my guides in how to hold the space needed for soul retrieval.  

It is one of the most profound teachings I have encountered.  


I have come to understand that our eternal soul self is the one body that we never leave, it is our eternal home. It is the one body that returns through each lifetime, but there maybe pieces missing from our soul body. I believe that these pieces go missing when we are faced with trauma.  

While we are in a traumatic or heightened state many of us will go into a flight mode response where our soul body actually leaves our physical body. 


When the soul body recognizes it is safe for it to return to the physical body, upon its integration, occasionally, all parts may not return.  


Sometimes this misplacement will follow through many lifetimes. The soul retrieval is the calling back and integration of all of the highest serving parts of the soul body.  

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Who may benefit from a soul retrieval? 

  • Those struggling with post - traumatic-stress disorder (PTSD)

  • Survivors of abuse

  • Those on a spiritual journey of growth and expanded awareness

  • Those healing from disease 

  • Following an accident or grave emotional shock

  • Those who have the awareness that something has changed within themselves or something has shifted...“Ever since ___________happened, I haven’t felt like myself”

  • Those who sense there is something missing that feels obtainable 

Would you like to book a quick chat to see if this service is right for you?
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