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Not Everyone Can Meet You Where You Are

One of the most difficult of the many lessons in my life journey has been this ~ not everyone can meet you where you are.  My love is big and so is the connection I feel for my people.  As I continued down my own path of healing and growth, there were people that seemed to leave me or fall away. This devastated me in the beginning…  experiencing and working through this was a bit earth shattering and trauma provoking for me. Moving beyond the illusions of rejection seems to be a life lesson for me.

In those early experiences of what I thought was rejection always left me asking…. 

What did I do? 

What didn’t I do? 

Why don’t they love me anymore, why don’t they want to be my friend anymore?

Heather is out in nature, lying on a tree trunk.

The truth is it happens…. not everyone can meet you where you are -  whether that is energetically,  spiritually or emotionally. 

You aren’t for everyone. 

It doesn’t make one individual inferior to the other- 

We are all moving through this life experience at our own pace.  

Some of us came here to continually move through our spiritual soul lessons within this earthy school, some choose to do the work at a different pace and some choose to remain in their comfort zone.    

This does not mean you are to change who you are in order to try and hang onto those relationships as that won’t serve you. It means it’s time to honour the relationship that once was, the gifts, lessons and teachings from your time together.  In doing so you make room for what or who is next and what they will bring to your life. 

You are here to honour your voice, your desires, your energy.  When you do this you will be seen by those who are where you are.  By living authentically in your energy, your soul song will be heard by your people.  Like is attracted to like.

Heather Lauzon

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