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About Me

My Divine Calling

I am a wife, mother of four beautiful girls, grandmother, friend.  I have a deep love for animals and our planet. I am also what many call a healer, I am here to serve and support you with divine love. 


I have been called to create safe, healing environments that support my clients in their journeys. Their journey transitioning from feeling emotionally, physically and energetically unwell to feeling vibrant, clear and free. 


I have come to understand that I am a mirror to reflect the beauty of my client's souls, seeing beyond the shadows that lie within, that lie within all of us.  I have been guided to share messages of love and inspiration from your highest self, angels, guides and from the divine. 

My Story

Thank you for joining me here, my name is Heather Lauzon and I am honoured to share my story with you. 

Understanding that everyone has a story yet our story does not have to define us. My story begins with a little girl who lived in an environment that no child or adult should have to endure, although many have. My story is one of survival, growth and spiritual evolution. Our lives are a constant journey, a journey of growth and awareness, if we are open and listening.

My journey has filled me with insight that took me from a position of suffering to a position of power found through understanding and compassion. 


When I was at the bottom I made the decision to invest in my well-being.        I knew deserved to seek out the medical and holistic support I needed, I immersed myself into nature and animals, which I truly believe has always been the key to my survival.

I knew in order to move forward I would have to do the work. One of the first steps was putting myself at the top of the list. This was very difficult for me to understand and practice. A friend described it well, it is the same concept as when you are on an airplane and you are supposed to fit yourself with an oxygen mask first before trying to help your children. If we don't give ourselves an opportunity to breathe, or just to be, we can't do anything more for anyone else.

I was guided to understand I am responsible for myself first. This may sound selfish, but you can't help others until you have helped yourself. The moment I realized I was the only one who had to heal myself, the moment I understood that I had to love myself unconditionally before anyone else, is when the shift occurred. The “a-ha moment”  for me was  understanding that to feel, receive and love unconditionally, I had to love my self unconditionally first! I had to know and believe that I am worthy of love and that love surrounds me, as it does all of us<3.

I learnt that it truly will set you free when you can forgive yourself and others. Forgiving did not mean that I had to invite those people back into my life.  As in some situations, that is not a wise option. I could, however, forgive and set us both free, all while honouring myself by choosing to surround myself with individuals who support and love me in this journey of life.

My journey brought me to the understanding that I create my own happiness, and so can you. You hold the key to your own success and vitality; you always have... sometimes we just need help finding the door that needs to be opened. I can help you find and unlock the door, so you can live to your fullest potential, help you achieve your goals, overcome your fears and move forward.

 I have certificates that hang on my wall stating many accreditation’s. They once felt of great significance to me… in order to validate myself to you. When now I recognize how unimportant they are.  What is of grave importance was the moment I let that all fade into the background and I fell into the place of trusting and allowing the work to unfold organically as it does for each client. 

That is not to say that each course was not of importance as I have such admiration and respect for all of my mentors and instructors… I could not be where I am today without them. 

I graduated amongst the top in my class for Clinical Hypnotherapy.  Following completing the Hypnotherapy program I was guided to Kauai, Hawaii where I studied Quantum Touch.  I couldn’t have asked for anywhere more magnificent to reconnect and remember.  My teacher and earth angel Kim created such a nurturing environment so I could find my way back to knowledge and gifts I carried within for many lifetimes.   She supported me in finding the courage to allow them to integrate more fully. 

My dearest friend and mentor Phyllis guided me through the practice of Reiki which was such a treat and delight on many levels.  To my surprise most of what was in the course had already been shown and taught to me through my guides.  

It took me some time to feel safe enough to “come out of the closet” and share my gifts and intuitive knowing.  I work very closely with a spiritual team of guides who are experts in their own fields. 

"You can't go back and change the beginning but you can start  where you are and change the ending."     - C.S. Lewis
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