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Emerald Healing Place is based in the beautiful Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Situated on a majestic property surrounded by old-growth trees, mountains, and a salmon-bearing creek.

Heather is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Spiritual Guide & Clinical Hypnotherapist supporting the mind, body, and soul. Heather's mastery lies in her ability to completely trust in spirit and opening herself to the divine energy of the highest power.

Emerald Healing Place is a safe and sacred space created for individuals to have the opportunity and support to reconnect and find balance through rediscovering the powerful connection to nature and themselves. Whether working in person or long-distance Heather gently supports each client to release, reconnect, reclaim their power and health by channeling energy healing and healing messages.

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Please get in touch to arrange a quick chat or to book
an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you! 

Energy Healing & Soul Retrieval

Release, Reconnect and Reclaim Your Vitality


Intuitive Life Coaching

Unlock what is possible.


Spirit Release Therapy  & 
Energetic Property Healing

Energy speaks louder than words.

Areas Of Support Offered



Moving beyond abuse & trauma


Self Esteem & Confidence

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Pain


Grief & Loss

Accelerated Healing


Fears & Phobias 

Feeling stuck or broken 

Feeling Lost 

Involuntary body movement 

Weight Management

Trouble sleeping- Insomnia

Learn to Thrive As An Empath

Sensitive people

Transition of Life

Support navigating gifts

Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD



Spirit Attachment

Property or home not selling

Discomfort in property or home

Athletic Performance

Stress Management 

Pre& Post Surgery Support

Without specifically addressing these symptoms as traditional counselling therapy does - Heather’s gentle approach healed years worth of traumas in several sessions over a few months. I often feel one session with Heather has done the same amount of healing as 6+ months of intense counselling/psychotherapy. My relationships have drastically improved, my sense of self worth, and ability to set boundaries and advocate for myself had come so far. Heather I am so thankful for your gift of gentle insight, and the healing you are bringing to everyone brave enough to be open to it. I send everyone I can to Heather because of the changes I’ve seen for those who work with her. 

Sonja G., Canada

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Heather, I am now such a believer in your work, I cannot thank you enough for what it has opened up in myself and in my life. Previous to working with Heather I was unable to trust in myself or others, had a deep sense of self loathing, and a reactive and sometimes aggressive, emotionally intense persona. I was struggling with coping being a mother to two young kids and understanding the problems in my marriage. 

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