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There are many false perceptions of hypnosis amongst the public. It should be known and understood that hypnosis is a completely natural state of mind. Hypnosis simply means brain waves have slowed down. Allowing the body and conscious mind to completely relax allowing the doorway to the subconscious mind to open. Hypnosis does occur naturally and it can be induced by a hypnotherapist. We all enter a naturally induced state of hypnosis when we drive or watch a movie. Our brainwaves slow down and we become more suggestible. During hypnosis facilitated with a hypnotherapist you are guided to a deeper state where the desired work or healing can be achieved easily and efficiently.

Why does hypnotherapy work?

  1. The conscious mind, that part that allows us to reason, solve problems and make decisions, accounts for only about 10% of our mind's power. That explains why our will power so often fails us when we depend on it to help us make changes.
  2. The subconscious mind is the feeling part of us, which contains all our emotions, memories, habits, belief systems and controls all of our internal organs. It accounts for 90% of our mental power.
  3. Our subconscious mind is unable to reason or rationalize. It does not know the difference between right or wrong, but does what we instruct or program it to do. If we suggest to the subconscious mind that we are an content individual, we will be. If we tell it we are an inferior individual, that is what we will become.
  4. Most of our programming takes place during our childhood before we develop our ability to reason This explains why some of our earlier belief systems no longer serve us as they once did.
  5. If during childhood we are praised, encouraged and supported, we will develop a healthy self-esteem, but if we are put down and criticized we will develop a poor self-esteem.
  6. Fortunately, most of the programming we received as children serves us well as adults, but we also received negative programming, usually put there unknowingly by parents, teachers and peers.
  7. The negative programming is what holds us back as adults. It determines our self-esteem, our confidence level, whether we succeed in reaching our goals and how we react to situations and stresses of life.
  8. Hypnosis allows us to go back and replace any negative programming with positive systems of our choosing. The process of hypnosis gives us the power to utilize 100% of our mental resources to make the changes in ourselves that we desire.

Frequently asked questions

Who can be hypnotized?

Anyone can be hypnotized if they want to be. No one can be hypnotized against their will. With that said while in hypnosis you will NOT do or say anything against your will. You are always in control of you mind and body. The hypnotherapist is simply a guide supporting your desired outcome.

Will I be unconscious?

No, you are simply in a dual state of mind where the subconscious and conscious minds overlap. During hypnosis you are actually in an expanded state of awareness.

What does hypnosis feel like?

Hypnosis is best described as an experience of an extraordinary sense of complete physical relaxation. Every muscle in your body becomes pleasantly relaxed and all tension disappears. However, your mind is fully aware of what is taking place and your mind is in an expanded state of awareness. Most people find the experience extremely pleasant (I have a difficult time meditating so I have started using self-hypnosis in place of meditation).

How effective is hypnosis in comparison?
38% recovery after 600 sessions
Behaviour Therapy:
72% recovery after 22 sessions
93% recovery after 6 sessions
Source: 2006 American Health Magazine
Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

No! Never! Remembering, hypnosis is a perfectly natural state of mind. It is part of our brain wave cycle, as are sleep and fully conscious states. You will maintain control.


Hypnotherapy is truly amazing in the sense that it can support so many aspects of your life. Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways at getting to the root cause of any issue that is robbing you of your power. Everything from fears and phobias, anxiety, depressions, addictions to sports performance and everything in between. Acquiring results easily and effectively.

What do you treat?

Clients have experienced benefits and results with using hypnosis in these areas:

This of course is not limiting all that hypnotherapy can support. I will work with you one on one specifically tailoring your hypnotherapy to support your goals and desired outcome.

How many sessions will I need?

Generally clients are amazed at the results from just one hypnotherapy session. Understanding that we are all unique and on our own journey results all vary on the individual and they issue at hand. Generally clients notice drastic improvement after 1-3 sessions, dependent on the issue some individuals may sometimes require up to 6. Payments can be made by Visa, Mastercard, Cash.

Smoking Cessation
  • Consultation session
  • 2 sessions approx 2hrs each

You will feel confident with the tools to move forward into a healthier lifestyle.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • 90 minutes session approx.
  • Enjoy at Emerald Healing Place or long distance via skype
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Quantum Touch
  • 60 minute sessions approx.
  • Has to be experienced to truly understand the amazing modality
  • Sessions are available at Emerald Healing Place or long distance
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Hypnotherapy from home
Enjoy the benefits of hypnotherapy from the comfort of your home

You now know the benefits of hypnotherapy, so why not continue to support your growth in the comfort of your home? I am pleased to offer you guided recorded sessions supporting numerous areas; building confidence, deep relaxation, creating positivity and many more.

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About me

Heather Lauzon

My name is Heather Lauzon, I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Hypnotist graduating amongst the top in my class from the Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy.

I am grateful for my instructor Sherry Hood's dedication and professionalism to Clinical Hypnotherapy. A dedication and expertise recognized by the University of Alberta who of which offer the PIAH curriculum as part of their Medical Residency program. Sherry is the ONLY Clinical Hypnotherapist to recently be inducted into The College of Family Physicians of Canada as an Allied Health Professional. With that said I am confident that I have been mentored by the best! I am confident in stating that I have the training and inner wisdom to support you in your journey.

I am committed to continuing to add to my tool box. I will be attending several other courses throughout the year and years to come.

My Story

I would like to share my story with you. Understanding that everyone has a story, but our story does not have to define us. My story begins with a little girl who lived in a situation, an environment that no child or adult should have to endure, although many have. My story is one of survival, growth and spiritual evolution. Our lives are a constant journey, a journey of growth and awareness if we are open and listening.

My journey has filled me with insight that took me from a position of suffering to a position of power through understanding and compassion. Understanding that we all have choices, which should be made with love and good intention. I found compassion for those who have the intent to do with love but are consumed in their own darkness that shade their actions.

When I was at the bottom I made the decision to invest in my wellbeing. I deserved to seek out the medical and holistic support that I needed. I made the conscious effort to surround myself with friends that made me feel worthy. I immersed myself into nature and animals, which I truly believe has always been the key to my survival.

I knew in order to move forward I would have to do some work. One of the first steps was putting my well being before my family. This was very difficult for me to understand and practice. A friend described it well, it is the same concept as when you are on an airplane, you are supposed to fit yourself with an oxygen mask first then your children. If we don't give ourselves an opportunity to breath, or just to be, we can't breath or be anything more for anyone else.

I was guided to understand I am responsible for myself first. This may sound selfish, but you can't help others until you have...

...helped your self. The moment I realized I was the only one who could heal myself, the moment I understood that I had to love myself unconditionally before anyone else, is when the shift occurred. The ahaa! moment for me was understanding that in order to feel, receive and love unconditionally; I had to love my self unconditionally first! I had to know and believe that I am worthy of love, that love surrounds me, as it does you<3.

I have learned that it truly will set you free when you can forgive yourself and others. Forgiving did not mean that I had to invite that person back into my life as in some situations that is not a wise option. I could however forgive and set us both free, all while honoring myself by choosing to surround myself with individuals that support and love me in this journey of life.

My journey brought me to the understanding that I create my own happiness and so can you. You hold the key to your own success and vitality; you always have... sometimes we just need help finding which door needs to be opened. I can help you find and unlock the door, so you can live to your fullest potential, help you achieve your goals, overcome your fears and move forward.

I wanted to close with one of my favorite quotes:

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." by Marianne Williamson

Be Powerful<3

Heather Lauzon


Emerald Healing Place is based in beautiful Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Located on a majestic property surrounded by old growth trees, mountains and a salmon bearing creek. I believe the power of nature as an integral component to all healing and growth. Which is the main reason I have decided to practice at home in a more natural environment. I am excited to share it with you, and invite you to take a walk with me through the trees. Weather permitting clients have the option to experience hypnosis outdoors in the trees or if you prefer near the bubbling creek.

My office is safe, warm and inviting. I feel honoured to work and support each individual with sincerity and without judgment. It is my desire to support you in reaching your goals. Yet know that I understand and respect each individual journey. Understanding that the lows or struggles in life are not anything to be ashamed of or to hide but to be viewed as an opportunity to grow and learn.